Tuesday, May 13, 2014

All My Reprints

Inspired by the availability of a reprint for my latest publication, I have updated my list of reprints. So 2 papers this year, but 6 in total over the past 20 years! I have two projects in the computations-in-progress-but-not-yet-written-up stage, so hopefully I'll end up somewhere between the two over the next few years.

Full Text of "Repeatedly Appending Any Digit to Generate Composite Numbers"

The American Mathematical Monthly recently e-mailed my co-authors and me a PDF copy of our article. The e-mail contained the line, "You may post it on www.arXiv.org and your personal website if you so choose." Very reasonable!

It is available at http://www.pseudoprime.com/amer.math.monthly.121.05.416-wagon.pdf.

So you can read it even if you don't otherwise have access to the Monthly, which Wikipedia tells me is the "most widely read mathematics journal in the world."