Thursday, September 16, 2010

Le plus grand facteur premier de la fonction de Landau

A preprint appeared on the math arXiv this week entitled, "Le plus grand facteur premier de la fonction de Landau."  I think that translates as, "The largest prime factor of Landau's function."  Landau's function is the maximal order of Sn (the symmetric group on n elements).  The first paper I ever published was The Largest Prime Divisor of the Maximal Order of an Element of Sn.

So this new paper is interesting to me.  My paper is reference 7.  I'm mentioned 3 times in the body of the text.  Here are the mentions, as rendered by Google Translate:
  1. This increase was enhanced by Grantham
  2. For this we use the method of Grantham
  3. In the proof of the theorem of [7], α1 suites. . . , Α9, β1,. . . , Used β9 J. Grantham are very similar to those obtained by Algorithm 1 y = 3329.

I think the last one needs a little work.  I'll have to sit down when I have time to read a 40-page paper in French and figure out what's going on.

But anyway, not only do I have a problem, I also have a method.  Cool.