Tuesday, May 13, 2014

All My Reprints

Inspired by the availability of a reprint for my latest publication, I have updated my list of reprints. So 2 papers this year, but 6 in total over the past 20 years! I have two projects in the computations-in-progress-but-not-yet-written-up stage, so hopefully I'll end up somewhere between the two over the next few years.

Full Text of "Repeatedly Appending Any Digit to Generate Composite Numbers"

The American Mathematical Monthly recently e-mailed my co-authors and me a PDF copy of our article. The e-mail contained the line, "You may post it on www.arXiv.org and your personal website if you so choose." Very reasonable!

It is available at http://www.pseudoprime.com/amer.math.monthly.121.05.416-wagon.pdf.

So you can read it even if you don't otherwise have access to the Monthly, which Wikipedia tells me is the "most widely read mathematics journal in the world."

Friday, April 18, 2014

Publication of "Repeatedly Appending Any Digit to Generate Composite Numbers"

I'm proud to say that "Repeatedly Appending Any Digit to Generate Composite Numbers," a paper I co-authored with Witold Jarnicki, John Rickert and Stan Wagon, has appeared in the May 2014 American Mathematical Monthly. If you are an MAA member (which, um, I'm not), access it through their web site.